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Why the Juniper Tree?  The juniper tree is a fabled symbol of a great journey, of having taken many twists and turns, yet being capable of staying true to oneself

Like the Juniper tree, life has many twists and turns, some of them amazing, some of them challenging. As we travel

on this great journey of life, we sometimes need support to reconnect with the parts of ourselves that may have

been lost or changed along the way.


At Juniper Tree Counseling we can be a guide along your journey toward your true self. We help you examine the patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you and uncover the joys and growth that come from that process.

We work together to identify the root causes of anxiety and unhappiness, learning to cope and being open to change.

When you come to Juniper Tree Counseling, you will be welcomed with compassion in a place where it is

safe to express and explore all feelings.



To hold space and give grace to our imperfect humanity


To embrace vulnerability and allow ourselves to be truly seen within healthy relationships


To face our fears and bravely  process our relational, developmental, and traumatic experiences so that they no longer control our choices and emotions


To be clear in our boundaries, our goals and our hopes

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